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We develop mobile + web applications that your users will love!

Based in Los Angeles, CA, we help enterprises and start-ups plan, develop and deploy mobile and web applications. Clients choose us because we deliver on‑time and on‑budget, and exceed expectations.

There's beauty in efficiency.

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  • Mobile Web Development Case Study

    How do you replace the
    Farmer's Almanac with
    technology that totally
    optimizes modern farming?
    It's an app of course!

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  • Defined, Designed, and Built for Success

    A complete guide to Enterprise Mobile App Development.

    Mobile Web Development
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  • What does it take to
    develop a pioneering
    iOS mobile app from
    conception to launch?

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We help our clients by providing solutions that many thought impossible.

From Automotive to Healthcare, Finance to Entertainment, we have been privileged to work with a wide range of amazing clients on some very impressive projects.

What do you want to build?

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  • Its not an exaggeration to say that our business would not be what it is today without the contribution of the Venice Cosulting Group. They used their in-depth knowledge of our business to build an online application that met all of our goals. We couldn't be more pleased with the results, as are our members.

    -Scott Lurie, President,

  • We selected VCG as our development firm of choice because of their previous award-winning work with other car brands and their strengths in interactive design. They completely surpassed our expectations in creating a stunning site worthy of Pontiac's passion and excitement for the G8.

    -Jason Costello, Manager of Delivery Management for Digitas

  • We were faced with a very tight deadline for delivery, and Venice Consulting delivered a high quality product that exceeded our expectations while hitting our milestones. We chose VCG due to their disciplined approach to software development and project management.

    -Daniel Seidberg, President, S&P Technologies, Inc., The creator of ERRS

  • This particular project had an extemely aggressive timeline and VCG delivered a website that provides users with a never-been-done-before experience.

    -Al Reid, Group Director, Interactive & Relationship Marketing, Team One Advertising