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Mobile DevelopmentThe most successful iPhone apps combine innovative functionality, excellent software development and remarkable user experience. Visual richness is important, but what’s most important is the interaction between your app and your user - something that leaves your user saying: “wow, that was pretty cool and really easy to use”. Don’t just take our word for it – ask us about our enormous portfolio of case studies and testimonials.

Venice Consulting – Expert Design and Development

Venice Consulting is an interactive web design and development company blending hybrid nearshore resources for enormous cost savings and high quality. Our wealth of projects include engagements from such clients as AFTRA, American Express, FOX Broadcasting, Pontiac with Digitas, Sony Connect, The California Endowment & TeamOne and Advertising for Lexus.

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Core Animation

Advanced Graphics of the phone allow you to make killer apps and games that look amazing.


Send and receive emails or build an engine for your users to send and receive content.

Brilliant Retina Displays

Brilliant Retina Displays
Your user will fall in love with your gorgeous user interface


Use the built in GPS features of the phone to make your application aware of where the person is.

Social Networking

Build the next social tool integrating with existing networking sites like Facebook.


Make it simple for your users to get involved with your business with intuitive navigation and flow

Dr. Bay Arinze

“Venice Consulting built our global collaborative research website on time and on budget. Our website enables researchers around the world to collaborate on research projects and work more efficiently. The final website contained every conceivable social networking feature, all at a very affordable price.” - Dr. Bay Arinze, CEO MyNetResearch

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