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A U.S-based HQ and use Nearshore Resources in Latin America

Get the best of both worlds – outsourcing never felt this close

Outsourcing Has Never Felt This CloseWith nearshore outsourcing, you get the best of both worlds. You enjoy the cost savings of a pure outsourcing engagement, while benefitting from using resources from an adjacent location who work in the same time zone, speak the same language and share a similar culture for better communication. You won’t ever have to wait 24 hours between bug fixes and project approvals – and if you ever need to see your team, you’re just a 4-hour plane ride away. With Venice Consulting, you get a nearshoring expert with 12 years of experience in managing remote teams.

Venice Consulting – Expert Design and Development

Venice Consulting is an interactive web design and development company blending hybrid nearshore resources for enormous cost savings and high quality. Our wealth of projects include engagements from such clients as AFTRA, American Express, FOX Broadcasting, Pontiac with Digitas, Sony Connect, The California Endowment & TeamOne and Advertising for Lexus.

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Same Time Zone

Any one who’s worked with teams on the other side of the globe understands the pain of conducting conference calls at night. With the Hybrid Nearshore model, working in the same time zone does away with night calls and dramatically speeds up email communications to same-day responses.

Cost Savings

Using VCG’s Hybrid Nearshore model, businesses may save up to 50% compared to US rates. One of the primary advantages that offshore firms provide is a dramatically reduced rate structure when compared with US-based resources.

Eliminated Risk

Do away with risk from traditional outsourcing. Our Hybrid Nearshore model works in the US time zone with teams a short and inexpensive flight away when face-to-face meetings are needed. All members are fully fluent in English.

Dr. Bay Arinze

“Venice Consulting built our global collaborative research website on time and on budget. Our website enables researchers around the world to collaborate on research projects and work more efficiently. The final website contained every conceivable social networking feature, all at a very affordable price.” - Dr. Bay Arinze, CEO MyNetResearch

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