New Sharepoint - Social & Mobility Users Love

Implemented with Hybrid VCG Nearshore Resources for 40% Lower Costs


Community Sites offers a forum experience to categorize discussions around subject areas, and to connect users who have knowledge or seek knowledge about subject areas.


Advanced enterprise search that offers query processing and the ability to target search results so the user can easily find what they are looking for.


New optimized mobile viewing experiences across different mobile platforms.


Professional web designers proficient in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript can design a SharePoint site with minimum effort.

Your Organization Can Benefit from VCG SharePoint Collaborative Portals

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Dr. Bay Arinze

“Venice Consulting built our global collaborative research website on time and on budget. Our website enables researchers around the world to collaborate on research projects and work more efficiently. The final website contained every conceivable social networking feature, all at a very affordable price.” - Dr. Bay Arinze, CEO MyNetResearch