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Free Report Guides Businesses on World of “Web 2.0”


“Everything Businesses Want to Know About Web 2.0 (but are afraid to ask)” explains technology in easy-to-understand terms

CULVER CITY, CA. August 13, 2007 — Venice Consulting Group (VCG), a leading software development and consulting firm based in Culver City California, today announced a new how-to guide for businesses on “Web 2.0” technology, describing terms in easy-to-understand language and including practical steps for implementing Web 2.0. The free report, titled “Everything Businesses Want to Know About Web 2.0 (but are afraid to ask)”, tackles one of the most discussed topic that businesses face.

Web 2.0 has received much press in the last few years as the Internet continues to develop and mature. While the concept of Web 2.0 came out of the technology industry, it has assumed an important place in the business world. All businesses, from the home office to the large enterprise, will eventually be touched by the Web 2.0 phenomenon and understanding its basic tenets is an important first step before adopting the technology that underpins it.

The free report outlines:

  • What is Web 2.0?
  • What features are associated with Web 2.0?
  • Why businesses need to implement Web 2.0?
  • Five steps to joining the Web 2.0 club.

“The pace of change in technology is daunting even to those involved on a daily basis,” says Jake Ryan, managing partner at VCG. “What we’ve heard from businesses across all segments and industries is that there was a struggle to understand not only what ‘Web 2.0’ was from a descriptive point of view, but more importantly how it impacts their business in real terms. Businesses that take the initiative to use technology as an enabler will gain an advantage over competitors slow to understand the impact of change.”

Click here to download the free report "Everything Businesses Want to Know about Web 2.0 (but are afraid to ask)".

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