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VCG Completes New eDocs Application for Meggitt

VCG Completes new eDocs Application for Meggitt

VCG was engaged to complete a custom web application for its client, Meggit. Meggit is a global aerospace and defense firm headquartered in the UK. For the US presence, VCG was engaged to build the eDocs web app. This application was build on top of their network file system (NFS) to help provide a taxonomy and structure to a large document repository. This repository was not structured and finding relevant documents and information was very hard for the end user.

The only method they has prior to the eDocs application was a search method on the file system. This left a lot to be desired for several reasons. One, a user couldn’t see how one document might related to another document or set of documents. Two, the search method was often unreliable if you didn’t have the exact keyword - it could return way too many documents or none at all. Also, people outside the local area network had no access to the documents. And security and permissioning was not set up well enough to allow greater access.

The eDocs application solved all of these problems. The team was able to codify permissionsing using users and groups and authorization based on the newly created taxonomy. The structure provided allowed for relationships to be seen and understood by the end-user. And, without changing how the documents were stored, the eDocs application, as a web application, allowed users outside the firewall to be able to have access to the file system, NFS.

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The Venice Consulting Group is an interactive web portal consulting + development company constantly focused on UX – the User Experience. With a valuable combination of regulated industry & technical expertise, VCG applies the latest proven technologies to meet our clients’ objectives and improve their bottom line. VCG offers high-value through its design and low-risk cost savings through its "Hybrid Nearshore" model.

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About Meggitt

Meggitt is a global engineering group specializing in extreme environment products and smart sub-systems for aerospace, defense and energy markets. We employ over 7,500 people across manufacturing facilities in Asia, Europe, North America, with regional bases in India and the Middle East.

Meggitt’s civil aerospace presence covers large commercial transports, regional aircraft, business jets, helicopters and general aviation. Its defense markets cover all military aircraft types, land systems, naval platforms and aerial, land-based and marine threat simulation training and weapons systems development. The firearms element of this capability extends into law enforcement and security organizations. The group’s growing presence in energy is driven by our core fluid controls, heat management and sensing and monitoring capabilities, many of which are deployed to help reduce the maintenance costs, fuel consumption and carbon of industrial gas and steam turbines.