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Venice Consulting Group and Join Forces to Reduce Emergency Response Times


Emergency Responder Reply System™ saves critical time for emergency responders when responding to emergencies

CULVER CITY, CA. February 5, 2008 — Venice Consulting Group (VCG), a leading software development and consulting firm based in Culver City California, and S&P Technologies, Inc. (S&P), a leading developer of emergency response technology based in Syracuse, New York, have announced the unveiling of, a real-time Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that significantly reduces response times to emergencies and mass disaster situations. With the patent-pending Emergency Responder Reply System™ (ERRS), emergency responders press one button on any phone, and their response status immediately appears on the site. This enables their chiefs, stations, team leaders and dispatchers to immediately know who is responding, where they are responding, and when they are responding.

Existing legacy dispatch systems suffer from one-way communication with an inability to receive feedback. During emergencies, chiefs and dispatchers have no present way of knowing if sufficient members are responding, unless they consume valuable personnel time with person-to-person radio or telephone calls. Traditional response times can be reduced significantly using

With the ERRS and, responders speed-dial one number on any phone after they have been dispatched. Responders are immediately connected to an automated system, so no one has to answer any telephone or radio calls, and the calls last no more than a few seconds. On the site (accessed through any computer with Internet access) their station, chiefs, team leaders and dispatchers immediately see who is responding, their level of certification/qualification, the time that they are responding, and where they are responding (e.g. station or scene).

Present dispatch protocols often result in time being wasted waiting between 2 and 5 minutes, or even longer, for responders who may not be coming. ERRS and eliminate such delays with real-time reporting and accountability of the responding personnel. When not enough responders are en route, departments and teams can be re-dispatched much sooner, saving critical time.

“We were faced with a very tight deadline for delivery, and Venice Consulting delivered a high quality product that exceeded our expectations while hitting our milestones,” says Daniel Seidberg, president of S&P Technologies, Inc., the creators of ERRS. “We chose VCG due to their disciplined approach to software development and project management.”

Coded in with a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 database and integration through VXML, takes advantage of new fault-tolerant functionality via SQL Server 2005.

“Due to the critical nature of emergency response technology and information, the finished product had to be completely redundant and fault-tolerant in the event of a major catastrophe,” says Gabriel Palma, project technical lead at Venice Consulting. “Our team also found creative ways to achieve their project goals at a reduced cost, allowing them to deploy on time and on budget.”

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Venice Consulting Group is a leading software consulting and development company, specializing in time-sensitive and mission-critical system development.  With extensive experience in technologies such as .NET, Java and open-source environments, our consortium of seasoned consultants deliver quality solutions on time and within budget.  The benefit of our consortium approach is our agility and flexibility. Because of our depth of resources, we can field complete project teams or skilled individuals to augment your team quickly. Our team has deep industry experience that cross many vertical markets from real estate to media & entertainment to new start-up ventures. 

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About S&P Technologies, Inc.

S&P Technologies, Inc. is a leading designer and developer of mission critical, emergency response technology. With a commitment to saving lives and property, S&P brings to market proven, reliable and innovative technology products which enhance emergency response communication and capabilities in all emergency situations. With a diverse background of experience in firefighting, emergency medical services, software design and development, law and business, our team brings a unique wealth of knowledge and experience to the formulation, design, development and distribution of emergency products and systems.


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