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Venice Consulting Group Launch New Web Portal for AFTRA

Venice Consulting Group Launch New Web Portal for AFTRA


New Web site provides a wealth of information and multimedia at the fingertips of AFTRA members

CULVER CITY, CA. October 29, 2009 – Venice Consulting Group (VCG), a leading interactive design and application development firm, today announced that they have completed work on a new web portal for theAmerican Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA). Utilizing the latest technology for interactive design, social networking and content management, the new website provides simple navigation and easy access to the large amounts of information and resources AFTRA provides its members.

The new portal is a complete redesign of the union’s previous website which had last been redesigned in 2002. As technology has changed, so too have the needs of AFTRA members, and the new site provides logical organization and easy access by delivering information in a concise format for areas such as: Contracts, Member Benefits, Advocacy, AFTRA Health & Retirement Funds, Agency Information, Credit Unions, AFTRA Foundation, AFTRA publications, Scholarships and Discounts and more.

The new site includes streaming video clips, podcasts and photo galleries that reflect the union’s membership who work across the spectrum of multimedia platforms in the entertainment and media industries. Social media integration allows members to follow AFTRA on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and YouTube. AFTRA Magazine can be read online through a magazine reader directly integrated into the site. Members can also now stay up to date on labor issues and industry news with access to the AFL-CIO Now Blog and newsfeeds.

The new site utilizes the latest technologies including AJAX, Flash and other social media and dynamic interface components. This is enables users to find exactly what they need without the usual dropdown menu navigation.

The Open Text web content management system allows AFTRA staff to directly modify anything on the live site in real-time. Equally important, a robust and user-friendly workflow system reduces the steps and time for review of changes.

“We are proud to have been chosen by AFTRA on a project with the scale and importance as the redesign of their website,” says Jake Ryan, Chief Executive Officer of Venice Consulting Group. “It was impressive for us to see the breadth and depth of resources available to their members. Our goal was to help organize the information in a way that maximized the ability for members to find and use it, all in a framework that was flexible enough to change as technology changes.”

Visit the new AFTRA web site at

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