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Venice Consulting Group Releases Free Report to Demystify AJAX Technology


“AJAX Demystified” teaches businesses how to plan for and implement new Web 2.0 technology

VENICE, CA. March 13, 2007 — Venice Consulting Group, a leading software development and consulting firm based in Venice California, today released a new report discussing AJAX technology entitled “AJAX Demystified”. The free report explains what AJAX is, what the benefits are to the end user, and offers step-by-step instructions on how to actually make a sample AJAX call.

“AJAX Demystified” touches upon a topic that has gained visibility recently with businesses large and small looking to integrate or launch so-called “Web 2.0” features into their web sites. Users are benefiting from sites that offer more powerful functionality and greater ease of use than ever before. This report is especially useful for companies who are not completely familiar with AJAX and are looking to find a partner to implement the technology.

Topics covered include:

  • What does AJAX really mean?
  • Do I have to know JavaScript to develop an AJAX app?
  • Do I have to use XML?
  • Discussing the Request Object: the core object of AJAX
  • Sending and handling the request to the server

Actual code examples are included to explain in detail how to create sample AJAX requests.

“There’s an awful lot of hype surrounding ‘Web 2.0’ and AJAX,” says author of the report Niels Hansen, CTO at Venice Consulting Group. “In reality, AJAX is just a technology that can be implemented correctly or poorly as with any technology. So it’s not just a matter of slapping some AJAX on your web site and saying you’re ready for the new era. It requires careful and methodical thought with an experienced consultant to understand what the ultimate goal is, what you want the user to experience, and how you want to get there.”

“This report is the first important step towards getting a better understanding of what AJAX is, so it won’t seem quite so intimidating.”

Those interested in learning how to start using AJAX today for their web sites can download the report “AJAX Demystified” for free.


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