CropMetrics Virtual Optimizer

CropMetrics recognized a need in the marketplace that presented an opportunity to develop an app to help farmers with their crops. Initially, CropMetrics’ main priority was to develop a web application that could predict and determine factors that can assist farmers in yielding optimal crops on their land.

Once the app was up and running successfully, they wanted to transition their data and technology to the mobile realm. With farming season right around the corner, and farmers eager to take to the fields with their new technology, it was critical that they act fast and turn the project around quickly.

How does CropMetrics Virtual Optimizer Work?

Using US geological surveys, probes are placed into the ground on a piece of land, and that land is then plotted into the software which is then customized. By combining weather forecast data and moisture probes, CropMetrics has cultivated an app that enables farmers and other agricultural specialists to find the best way to water and feed their crops. The combination of these features can determine what time of year is the best time to plant and nurture crops to result in an optimal product.

The technology is a first of its kind. It has revolutionized agriculture by enabling farmers to view and record past growth stage data, and then couples this data with forecasted weather data to help optimize crop output. The app helps farmers better manage and optimize the yield from their crops on both a daily and yearly basis.


By using Venice Consulting Group’s Hybrid Nearshore Model, CropMetrics benefited from cost effective development while negating the risks that are often associated with offshore development. Development costs can be reduced by as much as 40% when compared to using a U.S.-based team.

CropMetrics found that having constant and consistent communications with the development team was vital to the completion of the mobile application. Meeting deadlines, having open communication lines, and total process transparency are all development features that VCG exhibited during the application development process. It allowed the project to come in on-time and on-budget.

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