Rethink BH Mobile App


Rethink Behavioral Health Practice Management is a company that provides every behavioral health provider with an unmatched suite of tools to assist with the design, implementation and analysis of treatment programs in order to deliver quality treatment and efficiency.

According to case studies 90% of healthcare employees are utilizing mobile devices within their organizations to engage patients with patients. This led to the idea creating a healthcare application, which would help clinicians to deliver more effective treatment programs.

Partnered with Rethink, Venice Consulting Group has created a mobile healthcare application that enabled clinicians to enter more on-site data; improve their understanding of and effectiveness of treatment programs; with the immediate access to extensive content and tools it overall stimulated effectiveness of treatment programs.


·      Rethink automatically synchs and graphs data, so clinicians can make real time decisions to improve the client's program without an internet connection on your tablet or mobile device. Rethink's data analytics make it easy to quickly see if clients are making progress, if staff members are engaged and if your behavioral health program is really working.

·      Rethink’s client portal provides families with real time access to the health information they need and reduces staff non-billable time.  Families can securely send and receive documents, access training materials, and complement intake and assessment forms that you customize online.

·      Rethink provides clinical and business leaders with the information they need to effectively manage operations and make better business decisions. Rethink’s Reporting Dashboard provides robust and customizable reports that can be easily viewed or exported.

·      Increasing efficiency and automation.

With Rethink you will be able to track staff credentials, trainings & specialties, org charts and caseloads, funder contracts, rates & billing codes, new referrals and much more.

Discover the challenges we faced, the solutions we created, and the results we achieved in our journey to take the next step into the future of behavioral health.


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