AFTRA Web Portal

One of the largest and oldest entertainment unions in the world, the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) worked with VCG to design and develop a powerful new web portal that harnesses the the latest technologies on the web.

The new portal offers AFTRA's 80,000 members access to all of the union's resources -- from insurance information to industry news -- through the most cutting-edge technology. As AFTRA has grown, so too have the needs of its members. The enhanced portal is organized to deliver content directly aimed at the different types of users that will use AFTRA’s web presence to find a vast array of information. Utilizing the latest technologies, the site provides easy access by delivering a large amount of information in a concise format for areas such as: News, Health & Retirement, Supplemental Insurance, Credit Unions, AFTRA Foundation, Scholarships,  Discounts and direct access to the quarterly AFTRA magazine and other publications.

Naturally, an association focused on entertainment should be represented by a site with a wide range of multimedia. The new site includes streaming video clips, podcasts and photo galleries plus event management capabilities with Google Maps and calendaring available on both a national and local scale. Social media integration allows members to follow AFTRA on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The AFTRA magazine can be read online through a magazine reader directly integrated into the site. Members stay up to date with blogs and newsfeeds.

The new site utilizes the latest technologies including AJAX, Flash and other Web 2.0 components to make more content available with less screen real estate. The result is empowered users find exactly what they need without the usual dropdown menu navigation, simplifying a large amount of information into concise areas.

One of the primary goals of the site redesign was to implement a system whereby AFTRA could directly create and edit content for the website. Using the Open Text web content management system, AFTRA can modify the live site in realtime with a robust and user-friendly workflow system.

The site also features minisites dedicated specifically to over 30 local and regional offices, which have their own set of events, news and information for members in those areas. Staff members at those offices can manage the content independent of headquarters.

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