Emergency Responder System

Emergency Services Marketing Corporation (ESMC) is dedicated to reducing this critical response time that legacy dispatch systems have to respond to emergency situations. By creating an application that can directly correlate the nature of the emergency with the proper personnel without the need for multiple communication avenues being opened up, directly reduces the response time.

ESMC’s flagship application is a web-based software application called The Emergency Responder Reply System (ERRS) that is targeted towards volunteer response organizations. When a dispatcher notifies its emergency response team members, they immediately reply by dialing a single number on their phone that connects back to the ERRS’ automated system. The application processes the response and displays the activity to all of the team’s members – including team leaders, dispatchers and emergency response personnel. They can see which members are responding with their location and estimated time of arrival. Not only is the actual response visible, but the software automatically retrieves complete and detailed information about the responder’s qualifications, and the emergency’s time and location. All this information is just a click away and entirely automated. The entire process takes only a few seconds and appears on the computer screen in real time.

ERRS was developed under the Software As A Service (SAAS) delivery model such that the application can be accessed from any internet connected computer in real time. It also has a built in fault tolerant architecture. The application is able to stay connected in the event of a disruption by retrying call requests to the server automatically.

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