GoTV Networks

GoTV Networks is the first made-for-mobile television network and studio group that is changing the way people use their wireless phones. They create on-demand television programming customized to the mobile experience. Their on-demand model lets the consumer select and watch up-to-the-minute news, sports, entertainment, and other compelling content.


VCG built GoTV’s internet point of presence web site that is fully integrated with Alfesco, an Open Source Content Management System. VCG’s creative team helped design the look and feel of the site as well as custom Flash controls providing a truly interactive and attractive site.


The implementation of the CMS allows GoTV’s creative staff to update the site content in a user-friendly way. The technical architecture of the system includes Linux ES 4.0 with JBoss 2.4 as the application server. An Oracle 10G database serves out dynamic content, all of which is managed through Alfresco. The user interfaces leverages Flash 8 for the Channel Finder and streaming video.


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