IMAG COOLMaps Application

COOLMaps is a risk management tool developed by the International Management Advisory Group (IMAG) that is tailored specifically for the financial services industry and used by Fortune 100 companies and many well-known banks, governments and securities firms. The tool enables management and staff at all levels to fully understand the processes that underlie their businesses, identify risk and implement mitigation strategies.

VCG developed the next generation version of COOLMaps using the latest cutting edge Microsoft technology, including Microsoft .NET and Windows SharePoint Services for the backend and a XAML design platform along with AJAX for the visually rich interface. IMAG did not just want the robustness and flexibility of SharePoint, but the important collaborative, permissioning and workflow control capabilities as well. This translated into a wide range of benefits, including multiple user access, session control and distributed workflows across the application.

VCG believed it was able to cut the total development time in half when compared with the timeline of a typical competitor by utilizing its trademark “Hybrid Nearshore” model for the core development.

In addition, VCG redesigned and developed a new public web site using the Microsoft SharePoint Content Management System for IMAG to promote COOLMaps in a more effective way.

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