IWantAnOffer.com is an online real estate marketplace designed to help people buy and sell real estate online. Sellers can list properties for sale, complete with photos, video tours and floor plans, while buyers can even make an offer or negotiate a deal with sellers online. In addition, IWantAnOffer.com uses social networking systems to encourage interaction between anyone in the real estate industry who can join discussion groups, set up profiles, and subscribe to news feeds.


After a thorough envisioning phase that identified the proper plan for developing the system, VCG began developing the site a rapid cycle using the Microsoft .NET Framework including ASP.NET, C# and ADO.NET as well as XML for data transport. Instead of leveraging third-part social networking controls, the VCG team developed a custom tool set that remains the intellectual property of IWantAOffer. In addition, VCG helped out with e-commerce enablement, integrating the site with payment platform Authorize.net to support online credit card payment.

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