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Lieberman Research Worldwide is one of the world's largest and fastest-growing full-service custom marketing research resources. Their unique “whole-brain” problem solving approach goes beyond data gathering and analysis to identify marketing insights that help their clients build their businesses.


Lieberman was looking for a solution that would allow them to provide their clients with online access to data collected for their projects by Lieberman’s sister company, Interviewing Services of America, a market research data collector and information provider. Previously, the data would be imported from large, numerical-style text files called “tabs” into a data analysis software package. This process was time consuming and didn’t allow Lieberman the ability to fulfill their clients’ custom data requests in a timely manner.

Recognizing that they needed to provide their clients with the ability to view and manipulate project data online, Lieberman sought to implement a cost-effective and highly reusable solution that would enable them to easily provide online reporting functionality to their clients. Having already chosen Microsoft .NET as their internal development platform, Lieberman chose to implement this solution in Microsoft .NET and sought out a business partner that would help them architect and develop it.


Lieberman engaged Venice Consulting Group to design an online reporting tool that would accommodate various projects with very different data. Based on the requirements to provide a tool that could handle generic data sets, VCG designed an architecture based on Microsoft’s .NET Framework.

The site was designed with an open architecture featuring tools and technologies such as XML, ASP .NET, Windows 2000 Server, and SQL Server 2000. The site is supported by a single, common code base and was developed using the Microsoft’s C# programming language.


The online reporting tool developed for Lieberman allowed them to offer their clients quicker access to project data by greatly reducing the amount of time from which data was collected, to when it was available and could be reported on by their clients.

Clients Benefits Include:

  • Store managers at one of the nation’s largest office supply retailers use the online reporting tool to observe customer satisfaction survey results for their stores. Regional and district managers can view this data for all stores in their region or district, allowing them to quickly identify stores with problem customer satisfaction scores.
  • Restaurant Managers from a large quick-service restaurant have their Customer Satisfaction Reports emailed directly to each Restaurant Manager for weekly Management Reporting.
  • Analysts from a major Home Video Company can analyze their market research information directly from their surveys as they come in.

The open and reusable nature of the ORT components, which make up the online reporting tool, allowed Lieberman to easily provide this highly desirable functionality. Moreover, as new clients come in and request
this functionality, it would cost less to implement by controlling hardware, development and maintenance costs.

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