Match Creative

VCG developed the Match Creative Online Resource Center that they use to match the best creative and marketing talent with openings at their demanding entertainment, new media, and advertising customers. The web based system integrates with their Sales Force Automation service and public web site so that Match Creative can provide a seamless interface between their clients and talent. The system has been a success on every level. Productivity has improved, growth is supported and planned for, and Match has the best tools in the trade to provide the customers the best service possible.


In the competitive staffing industry, the new tool gives Match a competitive edge through the offering of a state-of-the-art tool to improve internal productivity and enhance the staffing process for both employers and talent.


“VCG has been a phenomenal partner throughout the development of our systems and really took the time to understand exactly what it is we needed to accomplish our business goals,” said Mark Armstrong, chief executive officer of Match Creative.


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