VCG developed the custom research collaboration site MyNetResearch, which provides researchers a destination to collaborate in a social networking environment. Researchers around the world can now locate each other, work on projects together, keep up with the latest news and discussions in their subject specializations and obtain specialist tools to help them in their research. MyNetResearch provides benefits for individual researchers, corporate users, academics and non-profit users alike.

"MyNetResearch was created with the overarching goal of maximizing research productivity through global collaboration," says founder and chief executive officer Dr. Bay Arinze. "Although we are well into the twenty-first century, collaboration between researchers is still stuck in the state of a previous era. Why be constrained by geography to researchers in a local area when users can interact with hundreds or thousands of like-minded individuals around the world? MyNetResearch transforms the research enterprise into ‘partnerships of opportunity’."

Membership to MyNetResearch is free, with premium members enjoying increased amounts of online storage as well as other features including the ability to generate project statistics, archive projects and author a blog.

The web site was custom-built with Microsoft Visual Studio using Microsoft ASP.NET, C# and SQL Server 2005. Venice Consulting Group was able to leverage their unique “hybrid nearshore” model to deliver a finished product within the client’s specifications as well as within their budget constraints.

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