Pontiac G8 Mosaic with Digitas

Marketing agency Digitas hired VCG to develop the online centerpiece for theirPontiac G8 worldwide marketing campaign - PontiacIsCar.com.

The web site features is a highly interactive digital mosaic of the G8, consisting of nearly 700 digital media assets that captured the essence of the Pontiac G8’s spirit. This was driven not just through images of the car itself, but in combination with other interesting brands and partnerships from popular culture – including Paramount’s Transformers, Microsoft’s Halo, recording star 50 Cent and more.

The technical requirements of the Pontiac web site centered on VCG’s expertise with Adobe After Effects and Flash technologies. A highly expressive intro movie was designed in After Effects to lead users into the Flash-based mosaic. The design of the animation was very intricate and required a great deal of coordinate correlation to match the elements together seamlessly and add special visual effects along with navigation through several zoom levels of the mosaic and video players hidden within the images.

The site was launched in conjunction with the 2008 NCAA Tournament, which featured a massive advertising blitz for the car which included a hugely popular television spot themed on the popular 1980’s video game “Spy Hunter” that exploded across blog sites and You Tube a full week before broadcast.

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